Crawford back in lineup against Red Sox

Crawford back in lineup against Red Sox

BOSTON -- While B.J. Upton was out of the lineup Tuesday night, Carl Crawford, who has been nursing a sore left shoulder, was back in the lineup against the Red Sox.

"I'm going to try and play and do everything I normally do," Crawford said. "We rehabbed it for a few days. And I think this is the only way I'm going to be able to test it is by getting the live game experience. So I'm going to try and test it out today and hopefully have no setbacks."

Crawford said his shoulder is a little bit sore and noted it probably will remain so for a while.

"I think the quicker I get out there and get used to how it's going to be all the time, then the better," Crawford said.

Crawford said he was encouraged about how much improvement the shoulder has made, though.

"I hit today, so that felt really good, so if anything, I can DH," Crawford said. "I'm happy about that. So we'll just have to go from there."

Crawford left Thursday's game against the Padres after two innings and did not play during the Rays' three-game series against the D-backs over the weekend.

Maddon said Crawford wanted to play.

"I'm not quite sure [if he's 100-percent healthy]," Maddon said. "But he insisted he was well enough to play."