Stiff neck continues to bother Navarro

Stiff neck continues to bother Navarro

ST. PETERSBURG -- Dioner Navarro continues to be sidelined with a stiff neck.

The Rays catcher suffered the freak injury Wednesday, when he took his family to the airport. After dropping them off, he went to rejoin them, and that's when the injury occurred.

"When I got off the elevator, I looked to the right [for my family]," Navarro said. "When I looked to the left, my neck popped. And it's been like that for four days. It's unbelievable. I'm a magnet for the freak stuff."

Navarro has had his share of unconventional injuries since joining the team via a trade with the Dodgers during the 2006 season. He got hit in the throat with a ball in a game against the Marlins in 2007 that saw him get carted off the field, and he severely cut his hand on the netting hanging from the dugout railing when he slipped on the steps at Yankee Stadium in 2008.

Navarro played catch for the first time on Sunday.

"[I'm] feeling better and better every day," Navarro said. "We're going to keep treating it. Like I said, it's getting better and better every day, so we'll see what happens."

When asked if he thought his neck would put him on the disabled list, Navarro replied: "We haven't got there yet."

Tampa Bay has three catchers on the 25-man roster. Based on playing time, Navarro appears to be third in the pecking order behind John Jaso and Kelly Shoppach. Normally, the Rays carry just two catchers, which seemingly makes Navarro vulnerable to a roster move -- particularly when Jason Bartlett returns from the disabled list on Wednesday.

Navarro said he's not worried about what might happen.

"[I'm] worried about my neck right now," Navarro said. "I just have to get myself back into a comfortable position. I haven't been comfortable for the last four days. I didn't realize how much you used your neck for. ... I can't control that stuff."