Rays dealing with different turf on trip

Rays dealing with different turf on trip

ARLINGTON -- The different turf in Toronto and Texas has presented some challenges to Rays players during this trip.

In Toronto, the Rays played on a new artificial surface at Rogers Centre that seemed to be a little livelier than most. Now in Texas, they are facing a different situation.

"They've really done a nice job with the infield, the Afro infield that they've put out there, the very high grass," Maddon said. "You walk out there and you have to make sure that you pretty much pick your feet up because you could get stuck. Great job on their part."

Shortstop Reid Brignac said the Texas infield is fine compared to what they faced in Toronto.

"In Toronto, it was definitely bouncy, sometimes it would go bam, bam, then came up," Brignac said. "I don't mind [the Texas infield] because I know the ball is going to be slowed down, so I can get to more balls for sure. Being on natural grass and a dirt infield, you just know what's going to happen. You can almost sense where the next hop is going to be."

Brignac noted that balls that hit the dirt are quick, but balls that are hit into the thick grass make it necessary to charge the ball.

"You can't sit back on a ball here," Brignac said. "If you do, the guy's going to be safe. You just know you have to attack the ball here and be aggressive."