Miller: My wife is maternal perfection

Miller: My wife is maternal perfection

ST. PETERSBURG -- Devil Rays pitcher Trever Miller and his wife, Pari, have been married 10 years and have three children, a son, Tyler, 8, and daughters, McKenzie, 7, and Grace Elizabeth.

Grace Elizabeth was born June 28 and has encountered countless problems caused by a rare genetic disorder, which put her in the hospital for most of her young life.

Grace had open-heart surgery in December, and the left-hander's daughter is continuing to fight.

A Mother's Day message from Miller:

This past year has been very hard on Pari, on both of us. We walk hand-in-hand; she's my helpmate and the best teammate I've ever had. We're always together in the decisions we make with our children.

She saved Grace's life two nights ago. Grace plugged off in her trach; she didn't have a pulse and had stopped breathing. Turned purple. Pari didn't panic. She did everything step by step, and within about three minutes had her breathing, had her heart back.

That's not the first time that's happened. That's probably the third or fourth by now.

I've never been around when that's happened. She'll tell me when I get home and she's jazzed up on adrenalin. And also emotional, and she'll break down a little bit when it all hits her.

I don't know how she does it. I'm sure I would be the same way if I had been there to see that. Possibly losing your child right in front of you. Her life is in your hands, literally. Pari is maternal perfection.

Gracie is an exceptional-needs child, yet Pari still manages to care for our other children. She is beyond being a really good mother.

I think a lot of people search their whole lives trying to find their wonderful. And I've been fortunate enough to have mine for 10 years now in marriage and being able to see her being wonderful as a mother for eight years with three babies.

Our kids are fantastic, well-adjusted, charismatic, intelligent, beautiful-souled human beings. That's a credit to my wife and how she goes about her business every day.

She's insatiable in the fact that she always wants to be better and do better for her kids, and for her marriage. I've enjoyed watching her raise these three. Can't wait to see what kind of adults they become and see them pass on to their children everything their mother has given them.

To Pari, which means "Angel" in Mediterranean or Persian, my special message? I always will and continue to love, honor and cherish you and only you until the Lord calls me home.

From our kids and your big kid, all our love all the time. Happy Mother's Day!

Love, Trever

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